About Us

Linnet Overton is an urban farmer, florist, and designer running Green Linnet: Handmade & Homegrown from her urban homestead in East Nashville. She creates cut floral designs, including wearable florals, and home decor items, such as ceramic vases and pajaki. Currently the shop is closed to focus on family.


She's a Licensed Master Social Worker by training and worked in systemic advocacy and nonprofit management for more than a decade. Her passion lays in creating a beautiful, sustainable Nashville through community work and gardening at the intersection of social justice and environmentalism.

Grandpa & Great Grandma on the family farm
Green Linnet’s is the the union of a family legacy of floral design and a modern passion for art, handicraft, and sustainability. Her maternal grandparents owned a small farm and Michael’s Floral Shop in Ohio in the 1940s and '50s. And her favorite childhood memories are playing in the woods and creeks of North Carolina, taking visual art and dance classes, and digging in her grandmother’s garden. Her grandmother, now a spritely 95, has the greenest thumb she knows and a strength that never ceases to amaze.


Linnet surrounded by three generations of inspiring women


When Linnet moved to Nashville in 2004, she began dreaming of a home and, more importantly, a garden of her own where she could put down roots. The dream came true in 2009, when she planted her first cut flower garden, just an 8 X 8 raised bed full of zinnias, at her family’s new home. She’s grown cut flowers ever since - sharing blooms every year with neighbors, and volunteering her floral design services for nonprofit events and friends’ weddings. 


As Linnet’s young family grew, so did her desired to spend more time at home with her children. She began to wonder if she could move her home gardening into a career. Inspired by international approaches to urban micro farming, such as My Luscious Backyard in Toronto, she developed Green Linnet in 2018. She expanded her growing space into neighbors’ backyards and gardens across Davidson county, which now provide four times the growing space and numerous blooms for her seasonal mixed bouquets.


Green Linnet's design work is available year round and our locally grown blooms are cut fresh March through September. Reach out to schedule custom design work and check out our handmade artisan goods right here on our website.